We do business-processes automation for clinics andhospitals based on low-code\no-code tools
Hi! My name is Daryna Danylenko, and I’m a founder of Cures.tech healthcare startup. We dobusiness-processes automation for clinics and hospitals based on low-code\no-code tools.

Before the war, we were selling our services to clinics and hospitals in Ukraine. Now my team has relocated to Europe. We are looking for the opportunities to start working with clinics and hospitals in the EU.

As a team of 6 people, we want to join a bigger Company, that already works in the Healthcare domain in the EU.
Daryna Danylenko
Location: Natendorf, Germany
Skills: Project management, Sales, Marketing&communications, Chatbots, Medical journalism

2020 - 2022 – CEO Cures.tech
2016 - 2021 – Head of PR and communications in Opendatabot
2019 - 2020 – Editor-in-Chef in Promum
2010 - 2020 – freelance journalist at Ukrayinska Pravda, Meduza, Cenzor.net, LB.ua

  • As the Cures.Tech founder I signed contracts with 25 clinics and launched those projects into production.
  • Increased 5x conversion rate in chatbots as compared to previously used regular communication.
  • I worked as the Head of Communications in OpenDataBot (online registers monitoring), when the service grew from 0 to 2,5 million users.
Olha Polishchuk
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Skills: Medical Marketing, Business Development, Project management, Sales

2021 - 2022 – CBDO Cures.tech
2019 - 2021 – CMO at R+ Medical center
2017 - 2019 – CMO at VIK-A (pharmacy)
2011 - 2017 – PepsiCo Ukraine, Head of Distribution network for healthcare industry. Responsible for kids nutrition brand Agusha and Colgate-Palmolive drogerie.

  • Designed and Implemented the growth Strategy for a clinic with 15branches and 100,000+ Patients. As a result, the number of clients increased 3x.
  • Built a system of relations with Partners (Clinics, Insurance companies and others), which resulted in 10% profit growth.
  • Designed and Implemented Communication strategy, that included digital and SMM tools to strengthen the brand voice. As a result, the amount of subscribers in social networks grew 3,5x.
Ksenia Lider
Location: Krakiv, Poland
Skills: Project management, No-code developing, Chatbot developing

2021 – Chatbot Developer at Cures.Tech
2018 - 2021–Freelance No-Code Chatbot Developer
2018 - Project Manager at Ajax Systems
2017 - 2018 – Engineering Manager at Ambisafe
2016 - 2017 – QA&Release&Localization Manager at Wirex

  • For the last three years, I've created almost 50 chatbots of different complexity that work in Telegram, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Management of an engineering team with more than 11 members (backend devs, frontend devs, markup devs, QAs).
  • Build a communication with top management, devs, marketing, and support to facilitate product decisions.
Daryna Dmytrievska
Location: Natendorf, Germany
Skills: Family doctor, Healthcare consulting, Communications, Access to quality healthcare for vulnerable groups

2021 – Co-founder, Communication department lead at NGO Association of health workers of Ukraine “Medical Leaders”
2017 - 2022 – Consultant and speaker at Cures, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, ECOM, TransCoalition, Convictus Ukraine, Amnesty International Ukraine, TB People Ukraine, Insight, KyivPride
2017 - 2022 – Family doctor at Community clinic №3, Medical center “Ingo”, Medical center “Miy likar”

  • Automated my work as a doctor, which allowed me to care for more than 5,000 patients during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • TOP-expert on the subject of access to healthcare systems for vulnerable people (LGBT, AIDS)
  • Founded the NGO "Medical Leaders", that works on the improvement of the healthcare system in Ukraine.
Liya Smekun
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Skills: Project management, Event management, Medical Marketing&communications, Personal branding

2017 - 2022 – CEO Medical Business Forum
2014 - 2016 – Marketing director at Farmaplant
2012 - 2014 – Head of Marketing at Helpmed
2010 - 2014 – Lecturer in the “Internet Marketing” course for second chapter and MBA students

  • Marketing expert in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Launched a series of business-events for doctors and TOP-managers of private clinics.
  • Also created course of "Internet marketing" for healthcare specialists.
  • Published a series of articles about private healthcare business.
  • Launched the public channel in Viber messenger to cover healthcare topic and created the community of doctors "ProMedicine".
Natalia Bushkovska
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Skills: Medical Journalism, Copywriting

2021 - 2022 – Head of communication data base at Cures.tech
2018 - 2020 – Medical journalist at Ukrayinska Pravda
2020 - 2021 – Fact checker at Without Live, Kyiv
2020 - 2022 – Author, medical journalist at Liga Life

  • Science and medical journalist with 3+ year experience.
  • Published 100+ articles about healthcare: vaccination, healthcare reform, mental health, healthy lifestyle.
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