Increase sales
of Your business

We set up communication between the Clinic and the Patient using low-code\no-code tools.

Relevant communication results in the increase of relevant visits to the Doctor.
Do you have any questions?
Write down your phone number and the automation consultant will call you within 2 minutes.
Become personal manager for Your client
80% of Clients visit Your clinic only once in their life. We are ready to turn first-time-visitors into happy permanent Customers.
Relevant communication with a Client
Automated communication covers all the touch points with a Client starting from the 1-st visit to the Clinic.
Booking an appointment
Your client can easily manage the appointments 24\7.
We remind Clients about the reserved appointments.
If a special preparation is needed before visit to the doctor, we will send all the necessary instructions.
We will set up the system of permanent business processes improvement based on Customer feedback.
Ask Your clients any question – and quickly get the answers.
Relevant personalized recommendations will help to care about the Patients and increase sales.
How we work
In 1 month we set up the system of regular trigger-based communication with a Patient. 
We start with a kick-off call. All the technical specifications are ready. The only thing You have to do is fill in a simple brief. Right during the 30-60 min call with us.
Chatbot launch
In 7 days after the brief was filled in and You activated the subscription, You will get a configured chatbot with basic features and communication protocols.
Setting up personalized communication protocols
In the course of the next 3 weeks we connect personalized communication protocols tailored to Your business.
CRM integration
In 1-3 months after You filled in the brief, we integrate chatbot with a CRM and also set up additional communication channels.
Solution implementation
During the 1-st year of cooperation Cures.Tech team helps to implement communication calendars across the whole of You business.
What is included in the Launch
Ready-made technical specification
We have already developed communication scenarios. You will only need to pick up protocols that best fit Your needs.
Communication scenarios developed from scratch
Up to 10 recommendations, surveys, communication protocols developed from scratch and tailored to Your Clinic.
Launch and promotions of the solution
Personalized strategy of the launch and promo of the bot.
Personnel training
Training of the employees to use the chatbot.
Ready-made communication protocols
Clinic gets unlimited access to the database with protocols of communication with the Patients.
Benefits of working with us
Increase of sales
Harvard Business School research suggests if business returns 5% of its clients back, the sales will increase 25%-95%.
Increase customer loyalty
Regular communication helps to care about the Patients, provide personalized advice, receive feedback and quickly react to incidents.
Business processes optimization
Cures technology automates routine business processes and frees more time for the employees, who can provide better service talking to every customer personally.
Our customers
Already 25 clinics have built regular communication with their patients
Contact us if you have any questions.
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